Is September 11th Still Relevant?

The pattern remains the same, a catastrophe happens that sets off the general public, who demand the government acts to find justice and prevent further events. No real conclusions are agreed upon but many changes are implemented that generally extract freedoms and finances  from the  citizens of a state. Just reflect on the JFK situation, its been over 50 years and we still haven’t resolved this event in spite of a United States House Select Committee on Assassinations. The committee concluded that their was likely a conspiracy but with the lack of information they were unable to specify the details of the shooters. Its only been 17 years for 911 but the pattern is the same, any real initiatives to find the truth are shut down as the authorities refuse to advance any real investigations. The importance of 911 for today’s researchers is the overwhelming evidence of a conspiracy for those looking for it and the ability to mirror the pattern on past false flag events. It then becomes a catalyst for those seeking further truth. Nevertheless, this site will continue to provide updates and homage to the people who have suffered from the event and subsequent military actions.

The accompanying image is one of my favorites for understanding how explosives actually fell the building. The image is the South Tower and you can see the top of the tower listing to the side as it fell. Using critical thinking, we could expect to find an ~30 story section falling past the main building and rest on the ground. It should have deflected off the main structure as it fell.  However, the section actually disappears leaving us wondering where it went or how was it pulverized. It would be impossible for its weight to be crushed on top of the remaining building as it is falling to the side and unable to completely crush on its own weight.