Excellent review critical of Waco Mini Series!

WACO coverup

A mini series depicting the story of the Waco massacre is deeply flawed according to this report by Black Pilled. This is an excellent and very critical portrayal of how a distorted truth can become a new narrative in order to manipulate history, by setting a more understandable depiction of a set of events, that displays how power stops at nothing to remain in power.

For further research on the subject:

Waco – A New Revelation

Written by, William Gazecki · Michael McNulty

Eyewitness testimony  of the events of the Waco standoff as told by some of the Branch members and an FBI investigator. Strongly recommended for anyone who wants to see the lengths  governments and media will go to control the narrative and mislead the public.

A link to the full video on you tube can be found at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xr9pQ1pIbiU


  1. Typical tell tale signs of a cover up. I don’t know much about WACO, can you recommend a credible source of information?

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