Another Crown Corp Considering Outsourcing

A family today may reflect on a time gone by when a single wage earner was able to support all the household expenses and still save money for vacations and retirement. Today it seems almost impossible for the average family to sustain itself on a single wage and maintain a stress free-high quality of life. More common are both care givers working to support the household and requiring other people to help raise their children. Of course, families have the choice to live within their means off a single income but it becomes harder today with all the new services we that are sold to us. For example, the Canadian government has decided, through Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), that 15 minute screening is too long for travelers. As a result, they are considering privatizing security screening to reduce screening below 10 minutes. This change could increase fees for domestic and international screening from $7 and $25. Not included in this debate is how wages and quality of life would be affected by making these changes. Would Canadian workers wages increase or receive better benefits or guarantee a retirement fund for the future? It always seems we are looking for better ways to save money which usually translates into profits and executive salaries displacing living wages.

Navigating to the CATSA website you can see the quality of jobs available. When I looked, three were available which included two permanent and one fixed term. There are then subsequent links to forward applicants to the contracted security services of  GardaWorld Aviation Services, Securitas Transport Services and G4S Solutions. The attached article mentioned privatizing but it seems screening resources are already privatized. It will be interesting to confirm if the extra charges will merely be to decrease screening time by five minutes. I can imagine the extra revenue for the current providers would be very appreciated but hardly necessary. Furthermore, GardaWorld has the pay range for a security screener at Hourly salary: $22.86 – $24.12. Hardly a fitting wage for someone protecting our loved ones while flying to our chosen destinations. Personally, I would pay more, not for better service but to ensure our fellow humans can sustain a higher quality of life.

Fees could go up, but lines could move faster as Ottawa eyes privatizing airport security across Canada


    • Looking a little closer, of the three companies listed above for contracted jobs Garda World owns two of them. The company is a beast and continues acquire other companies as it recently did with GS4. With the greatest of timing CEO, Canadian Stephan Cretier, took a $25,000 loan against his home in 1995 and of course by 2002 had significantly expanded their security services. GardaWorld may even be involved in the US prison system as GS4 manages prisons although, the acquisition was merely for the Canadian division. Now, as per their website, they are the largest company in the world offering private security services. Stephan was even presented with an award: “Garda Founder, President and CEO, Stephan Cretier was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal in recognition of his charitable work on behalf of the Vimy Foundation at a ceremony on December 10 at the Macdonald Stewart Foundation in Montreal. He is President of Honor for the organization’s 2012 and 2013 annual fundraising benefit events”. Isn’t philanthropy great when they hoard billions of our money then give a portion back after its original purchase power had been reduced by inflation and debt based financing.

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