Woman Dies from Autonomous UBER Vehicle

One of the main justifications for autonomous vehicles is the ability to reduce human error. Should this now eliminate the program to push automated vehicles onto the public? Not likely, its my guess our leaders and society in general will be extremely understanding. However, had this been ub-hommad driving the vehicle it may have been another terrorist incident. The worst thing about this incident is the death of someone who should never had suffered this fate of the autonomous vehicle agenda. Reading through the attached story, we understand the laser sensors scanning the innocent victim, walking her bike across the street, should have perceived the pedestrian. What harm will all these sensors scanning our bodies have in the future with continued exposure. In the airport we have the option of a pat down over the back-scanners but with autonomous vehicles we have no choice. Not to mention the further collection of data about our presence. Each condition are conducted without our consent. https://www.ctvnews.ca/autos/experts-uber-suv-s-autonomous-system-should-have-seen-woman-1.3854013

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