The Real Peeping Tom is….

James Corbett once again hits the mark. In the latest episode of the Corbett Report we are given 5 Privacies you are losing currently and didn’t even blink an eye.

Why are we so weakened in our capacity to see the road we are travelling? Where it will take us, and can we really thrive navigating it? For every new and wonderful technology presented to us seems to be a sinister dark side only apparent when it is probably too late to reverse it. The sci-fi movie of 10 years ago is a reality and just like the characters of the script you will be cast into a drama of which unlike Hollywood you will probably not see a happy ending. The role of victim to corporate and nefarious Government agencies that penetrate deeper into every aspect of your being. Inevitably destroying the relationship that you keep even with yourself.

This is not the precipice technology but in it’s infancy it is proving to have menacing ramifications on all the people or at least those that aren’t made immune through privilege. The key being the ability to selectively use this information on any one who may put up opposition to their own enslavement.


Keep your eyes open!


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  1. When I watched this video it reminded me of the Matrix. With the proliferation of sensors including autonomous vehicles and virtual assistants in the home, we will continue to be monitored. Next step is the ability of the state to identify us as a risk and send commands to other humans in our vicinity. Similar to the shape shifting controllers in the matrix although more of a metaphor. With the ability to control our minds like MK Ultra experiments and conspiracies like Sirhan Sirhan maybe now or in the near future they could send commands to us??

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