Garrison State, the narrowing division between the military and police forces.

In a recently posted Newsbud video John W. Whitehead gives a great expose on the Police state in America.

Not to exclude Canadians We also added this video to remind them, we are not exempt of this new form of tyranny. This video released by TTC shows the streetcar video of the Sammy Yatim shooting by Constable James Forcillo in 2013. As the National Post reported:

As prosecutor Milan Rupic told Ontario Superior Court Judge Ed Then and a jury Tuesday, the teenager was “alone inside a stopped streetcar,” with five Toronto Police officers standing just outside, three with guns drawn.

One of them, Const. James Forcillo, then with three years and change on the job, fired nine shots in two distinct volleys about five seconds apart, eight of which hit Yatim.

Sammy Yatim was found, at autopsy, to have had “moderate or moderate high levels” of Ecstasy in his blood.

The standoff between the 32-year-old officer and the 18-year-old lasted less than 50 seconds.

It consisted mostly of Forcillo repeatedly shouting “Drop the knife!” and “Drop the fucking knife!” and “Drop it!” and Yatim replying “No” and calling the officers “pussies.”

The officer was eventually charged with manslaughter and sentenced to six years in prison. The really interesting part of this video widely unreported was the Sergeant who boarded the streetcar after the shooting. Using a taser on the dead or near dead body. It would suggest that this was an attempt to change the narrative of the story from the blatant over use of force, to one where they would say they tried other means to restrain him. I’m sure they would say it was some policy to ensure the officer safety when entering the scene. You be the judge. This is what constitutes a death sentence for a high teenage boy with mental problems. The Globe and mail reported this statement from the Sergeant:

The Toronto police officer who discharged his taser at Sammy Yatim after he had been shot eight times testified on Wednesday that he was trying to help the young man.

“I would rather be criticized for trying to help somebody than to stand by and let them die,” said Sergeant Dusan (Dan) Pravica, explaining that the use of the taser would result in quicker medical attention.

The sergeant arrived on the scene of a confrontation between Mr. Yatim and Toronto police about 30 seconds after Constable James Forcillo had fired nine shots, hitting the 18-year-old student eight times inside a streetcar. The incident occurred just after midnight on July 27, 2013, in the city’s west end. Constable Forcillo is on trial on charges of second-degree murder and attempted murder in the death of Mr. Yatim.

 The original video released by an onlooker had outraged the public. The officers never knew the recording was happening until after the event.

The troubles for officer Forcillo are not over yet he is facing new charges.

This is still a light charge for such a blatantly obvious assassination.


  1. Nice statement from Sergeant Pravica ” the use of the taser would result in quicker medical attention”. So, I guess, eight gun shot wounds means you have to wait your turn in emergency.

  2. The look on his face as he stomped on his hand to have him drop the knife gave me a warm feeling of loving concern for this young mans well being.

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