The Usefull Idiots ! Governments have used entrapment to perpetrate terorist attacks.

As the surveillance video depicts a couple of would be terrorists plotting to detonate an IED on Canada day. The judge in the case was quoted as saying “She did not accept the findings of the jurors and concluded the duo had been entrapped by police in a lengthy multimillion-dollar RCMP undercover sting that also involved the Canadian Security Intelligence Service.

The sophisticated, five months-long operation, dubbed Project Souvenir, involved more than 240 officers, who billed $900,000 in overtime alone, and threatened “fundamental beliefs our society holds about human dignity and fairness,” Bruce decided.

Its genesis remains murky and hidden behind a national security screen.

Bruce, who retired after a decade on the bench shortly after issuing the decision, said police went too far with their subterfuge.

She ruled they manipulated Nuttall and Korody into the make-believe attempt to blow up the B.C. Legislature and slaughter national-day celebrants by planting inert pressure cooker bombs among the shrubbery.

“Simply put, the world has enough terrorists,” she emphasized in her judgment denouncing the Mounties’ conduct.

“We do not need the police to create more out of marginalized people who have neither the capacity nor sufficient motivation to do it themselves.”

The case is currently under appeal as reported by Global news.

This is one of many cases where the mental capacity of the would be terrorists was questioned as well as the motive of the agents involved. The intercept reported that this is common practice in the US.

The New York Times posted this article.

It is as if they need to create terrorists because there really aren’t enough to fill the quota.