Making sense of the whole Syria thing.

Weeks before the Chemical weapons attack on April 7th in Syrian town of Douma. RT had reported that it believed Anti Assad rebels were trained to use Chemical Weapons. It seems every time the US has talked about pulling out of Syria crazy Assad apparently decides he won’t have any of that and unleashes chemical weapons on his own people. Take a step back in time and see how the media reacted a year ago.


I love how the CNN anchor is so outraged and almost compelled to call the Congressman a Traitor for having a view contrary to the narrative.

We are Truth posted this days after the attack.

The only possibilities could  be that Russia itself has done these attacks or US friendly rebels aka CIA were responsible.  I think a foreign provocateur was definitely responsible and Syria is pig in the middle.

This is an extremely dangerous situation the drums are beating and WWIII is not an unlikely outcome of such actions.


Did someone say Iraq War? Will Tucker go the way of Phil Donahue for not falling in line?

CTV is reporting this  Can we believe anyone any more when it comes to how things will be spun throughout the media? The Propaganda machines are working overtime and the public should not be onboard with that. The need to find proof of guilt before the stage is set for a devastating and irreversible action is taken. You can’t even rule out that this was a staged event.

Lots of Crazy stuff going on as pointed out by The Last American Vagabond

Have a look at what was said by Mattis on April 12th with someone who would ask reasonable questions.

Trump speech after his attack

Ears to the Ground People

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  1. The Mattis questioning is ridiculous. Trump takes military action like its a school yard brawl which obviously violates their own constitution. Then when questioned about it they have no valuable answers and they continue to violate the constitution without any repercussion. I don’t know how Americans can stand this. As a Canadian I see how it could be stopped but with no legal reaction these senseless operations continue to be executed.

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