Marijuana Finally Getting Study Dollars But Government Can’t Grow

Check out the attached article on a study the US government is conducting through the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). They are studying the affect of cannabis on veterans who suffer from PSTD. Unfortunately, the government can not grow quality plants or they are “seeding” the study with inferior product to predetermine the results. Cannabis is still restricted at the federal level as a restricted category 1 controlled substance, as such, only the University of Mississippi has been permitted to grow marijuana. Additionally, the THC content is not even at the levels the university led the study to believe and was as low as 8%.

For quite some time marijuana study’s had been lacking as research dollars were going to profitable pharmaceuticals. This could have been the opportunity to get great research however, it appears this won’t be the study to acknowledge the greats benefits for cannabis on PSTD patients.



    • I remember that one from Harper. Everything he said was wrong yet somehow our mouthpiece leaders get credibility. Its better look good than to have the facts and an actual intelligent argument. Two decades of fighting marijuana and the industry was stronger than ever, they have not choice but to legalize it.

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