The Worlds Most Hated Corporation has a New Freindly Name!

Making one incredibly big and Influential mega GMO seed supplier should be enough for alarm bells to go off. Monsanto and Bayer merging is upsetting to say the least, giving more market access and political clout to the GMO industry will have dire consequences. A pig by any other name is still a pig. Probably not the last time this will be brought up.



  1. I believe this would be the 3rd time Bayer and Monsanto have merged. They were part of IG Farben post WWI and prior to WWII and emerged as the largest and most powerful industrial company ever. Mostly due to support the oil industry and chemical products. IG Farben was broken up after WWII but they merged again in the 50’s. Right now their products are being blamed for the insect, birds and bee reductions as well as a deteriorated for quality. Kissinger said, paraphrasing: control oil and control nations, control food supply and you control the people. What happens next with this merger? Another world war?
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