Pretext? Ok, here’s your stinking Pretex! Balkans War

Back in the 90’s I still accepted government and news media as the gospel of information. So when we went to war in the Balkans, on the pretext to stop Slobadan Milosevic from executing genocide, I thought it was a good thing. Today, like Syria, everything wasn’t what we thought it was. The attached article link, describes some of the politics and misconceptions of this action including quotes from military leaders on the confusion between genocide and war crimes. One quote in explaining how the situation was not genocide was General Lewis MacKenzie:

“It’s a distasteful point, but it has to be said that, if you’re committing genocide, you don’t let the women go since they are key to perpetuating the very group you are trying to eliminate.”

Additionally, Dr Efraim Zuroff said that:

“I wish the Nazis moved aside Jewish women and children before their bloody rampage, instead of murdering them, but that, as we know, did not happen [at Srebrenica].”


The previous quotes were relating to accusations against Serbian troops who moved over 35,000 muslim woman and children before a battle.

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