Russians Hacked Trumps Campaign? Meet FBI Mole Stefan Halper

Known FBI/CIA asset Stefan Halper has been identified as a mole in the Trump campaign, merely put in place to help identify Russian interference in the election process. However, the same Halper has been accused of leading a spying operation against the Carter election from the direction of soon to be VP George Bush. Also, tied to the Iran Contra affair as the Chairmain of the Palmer National Bank who laundered the money. During the Ford administration he was also assistant to three chiefs of staff Alexander Haig, Donald Rumsfeld, and Dick Cheney. So this seems to be the basis of the Russian accusations, trying to cover up their own covert operations, domestically! See Jon Rapports story on this topic Say hello to the FBI mole inside the Trump campaign


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  1. The Deep State is hard at work making sure the “Selected” leader is going to be in the White House. The Media is playing this down sad to see how things really work!

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