Don’t be sold on how convenient technology will make your life.

The Modern conveniences of technology sound absolutely awe inspiring and in some ways they are at least on the surface. There are so many ways to use the daily gadgetry of the modern world against you. James Corbett points out the latest on Alexa and how it sent conversations out to a contact of one of it’s users.

Alexa isn’t the only problem there have been TV’s  designed to spy on you.

We are all aware of computer malware and spying but Intel has placed a chip inside the chip that is used to run a secondary operating system with information logged the user has no access to. Look up Minix and read how companies are imbedding more sophisticated spying tools into all your gadgets.

There are many more examples like these and many nobody has exposed, yet. Beware there is a reason why many have declared Data as the New Oil.