Medical Tourism

For years I have been contracting in Canada for employment which has been very good for me however, it lacks dental benefits that generally accompany regular full-time employment. As a result, we have found ourselves looking for better alternatives for our dental health. This led us to try the dental services in Mexico and turned out to be a huge success. In out estimate we are able to travel to Mexico, have our work completed and enjoy a leisurely vacation from an ocean front condo for the cost of paying out of pocket in Canada.

The difference in Mexico is that they seem to have a practical, low frills, get it done approach to medical care. The facilities may not be as fabulous as in Canada however, their dental care was first rate. Additionally, our dentist didn’t seem obsessed with making a fortune and he only worked a limited schedule to spend more time with family. It made me curious about other medical services available in Mexico and found the video below. Canada has a full range of health care mandated through our constitution although delays are not unheard of and all treatment has to be approved. Mexico could address your urgent medical needs and perhaps addition procedures not covered in Canada or your country of residence.

Why STEM CELLS And U.S Medical Tourism Are On The Rise In Mexico