Is your Smartphone Listening

I have noticed that my smartphone will ask me how my trip to Boston Pizza was after I get home. This only happens when I forget to turn off the GPS functions. However, sometimes I will be discussing something verbally only to have the same topic come up in the ad’s during an internet search. Similarly, I have heard anecdotes from 3rd parties with the same outcome. As a result, I have this habit of whispering when discussing sensitive topics in front of my phone like passwords, etc. Recently, I did the same thing in front of my children and one said “really, we’re doing this?”. Upon which I started to explain how they are recording what we say. Prime example, “Ok Google”, upon which a search engine pops up.. How would your Android respond if it wasn’t listening and documenting your conversation.  So, before you criticize your fathers too much, below I have included some media relating to how voice features are being used.