RFK Assassination 50 Years Ago-New Investigation being Pursued

June 6th marked 50 years since the assassination of Robert F. Kennedy in the pantry of the Los Angeles Ambassador Hotel. For decades now it had been theorized that convicted Sirhan Sirhan was only a distraction so the actual killer could fire off three close range shots. In the theory Sirhan Sirhan was said to be a victim of MK Ultra reacting to programming that had been unknowingly conducted on him. Ironically it was John Frankenheimer, director of mind control movie The Manchurian Candidate, who drove RFK to the hotel since RFK was having dinner at his home.  Also attending the dinner was Sharon Tate and Roman Polanski who would suffer their own tragedy the following year.

In the attached article you can read how Sirhan Sirhan is now pursuing a new investigation as he believes in his innocence. Likewise, one of RFK’s children, RFK Jr. does not believe Sirhan Sirhan committed the crime and is now supporting a new investigation.


OAS Facing Call for New Probe into RFK Murder