Al-Nakba: The Palestinian Catastrophe

Like many people, my knowledge of the Palestinian and Israel conflict begins with WWII and the genocide of the Jewish population. Knowing that the suffering of the Jewish race was so significant they needed a homeland to protect themselves from future atrociousness. Growing up I was only presented with the narrative of how Palestinian terrorists continue to attack the Jewish state as part of their anti-Semitic aggression. Likewise, the eastern nations who continually threatened their state. Only recently it has come to my attention that the Palestinians are vastly over powered by the Israelis highly trained and provisioned military, also supported by 100 of billions in US funding. The Palestinians have no armed forces and only limited resources but are assaulted for the smallest of infractions. Recently, they were attacked during a peaceful demonstration to protest the US moving their embassy to Jerusalem. This assault killed dozens of women, children and men for the simple act of waving flags and marching in protest, something most of the world has the right to do so. The Palestinian living conditions have been compared to an outdoor/open-air prison and live in fear of attack from Israel forces and have limited commodities due to block aids by Israel.  In 2010 a Freedom Flotilla was attacked by Israel and 10 human rights activists were murdered.

When I heard about the US opening their embassy in Jerusalem during Al-Nakba I had to investigate further. As it turn outs. this was the very day 750,000 Palestinians were driven from their homes or faced death at the hands of the Israels. Al-Nakba means catastrophe to the Palestinians which happened in May 70 years ago. So this was an insult to the Palestinians but a great celebration for the Israelis. The US could have been more sympathetic and not host a celebration on such a controversial day just to avoid the inevitable hostilities. This led me to investigate more so I watched the video series below which is a Palestinian take on how they lost their homeland, not after WWII but prior to WWI. This had been implemented long before the Nazi. Everyone should watch this series if only to get another perspective on this travesty in spite of UN mandates that were supposed to alleviate this impasse which, the Israelis continue to ignore today. Please watch the following: