Joe “The Groper” Biden and Amazing Google Search Results

The former US Vice President under Barack Obama is well known for his series of videos in which he gropes young girls and makes them feel, noticeably, uncomfortable. In one video you can here him say to a young victim “by the way if I were young”, then the audio trails off and you can’t hear the rest. So naturally, one may search the internet to see if anyone else was able to make out what he said. As it turns out if you type – Joe Biden “by the way if I were young” into google you get only one result. The only time I have ever got one result from google was when I search for a model number of a manufacturer or what I thought was the model number. It’s amazing this phrase would only return one result.

My results are below from various search engines plus the video source of the information from theĀ Blackstone Intelligence Network. A note, I received millions of results from other search engines but only three from Duck Duck Go which is supposed to be the champion of independent, private searches.