Walmart, societies Gulag

I’ve been boycotting Walmart for about 4/5 years now. I have bought two things in a Canadian Walmart since then and only because I was really stuck and had to break down. The only other time was in Mexico when we really didn’t know where else to get our groceries however, we have since found alternatives. This morning I saw the “Walmart is a Prison” video made by Richie From Boston and knew I had to post something.

The problem I have with Walmart is that it provides great deals to us only at a cost to society that we don’t calculate. As Richie explains, employees of Walmart have low wages, reduced hours and lack of benefits, while this helps for the price of a toaster it does little for the quality of life for those employees. Further, anyone in the industry has to compete with Walmart thus providing a domino affect to the labour force. For me, I would rather pay a few extra bucks for my toaster so people can earn a decent wage.