An eye opening Canadian documentary Classic! The Corporation.

This has to be one of the best Documentary films ever produced. It hits the bulls eye on how corporations have dislodged themselves from the human community and focuses only on its best interest.
THE CORPORATION is a Canadian documentary film written by Joel Bakan it explores the nature of corporate citizenship where a corporation is legally an individual and how it behaves as such.


  1. This is a very good video. I’ve done some research into the topic, for my degree, of corporations and the history of how they came to be a legal entity. When you realize that corporations have the same rights as humanity then you begin to separate your misconceptions from reality. The difference being the corporation have limited liability to its shareholders but humans have 100% liability. I could sue a company for $1 million and win but if the company folds I have no recourse to recover my settlement. A person would not have the same luxury. Furthermore, we understand today if a corporation has to lay off employees but in reality its humans laying off humans. We externalize the action to the corporation and investors seem satisfied with this. We actually are cutting off our nose to spite our face as the corporation is meant to provide services to humans.
    My biggest ah-hah moment with corporations is during military actions such as a world war. Typically, we envision these drastic moments as the good rising up collectively and making sacrifices to fight evil. People lose their lives, families are affected and general suffering to win over evil. However, this is not the case for corporations as they continue to make margins when selling equipment in addition to financial institutions collection interest on the huge deficits and subsequent post war rebuilding. What would come of war if profits were removed and financing military actions were illegal. That is what we should be fighting for.

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