9/11 and What Struck All Sites

Resolved to never knowing the truth about 9/11 I had all but abandoned my attempts at discovering the truth. There have been so many theories, some must have been the source of dis-information but ultimately causes infighting among 9/11 researchers. Instead of collaborating on a single perspective we now have multiple possibilities that only achieve to discredit all. Then James Perloff posted his thoughts on what actually hit the twin towers and added some new perspectives (new to me), that provide further insight. His post focused on what actually collided with the towers, the Pentagon and Shanksville. 

I had been completely convinced that a cruise missile type projectile collided with the Pentagon and burst through the three rings. My argument being that the light material of the jet liner could not penetrate the building so deeply without sheering off its wings and leave other evidence on the grounds. However, you can clearly see both planes penetrate both towers and explode out the opposite side without leaving evidence. Perloff eliminates the possibly of a superimposed image or planted video based on eye witnesses. Instead, he backward engineers a scenario that would fit for all sites. This included modifying a military Boeing KC-767 with a hardened nose cone and wings, updated guidance system, self explosive pods used for military training and loading it with napalm. The military 767 has hardened exteriors and improved speed tolerances to approach those recorded on 9/11. This would explain why all four planes exceeded all known performance characteristics and left no trace of the planes to confirm model numbers. The planes were modified to fly by auto pilot to the site, enter the buildings intact and self destruct beyond recognition. This then explains the confusing Shanksville since if it were taken down prematurely it would impact deeply into the group then incinerate.

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What Struck the Twin Towers: Revising My Outlook