Oh Canada…If only you stood for true human rights.

Forget that Saudi Arabia is upset with Canada and the spineless leaders of the world who quietly stand by. What about the massive elephant in the room, of Saudi human rights violations being conducted daily in Yemen? 

Saudi Arabi a holder of a seat on the human rights council for the UN, has an incredibly poor record in regards to it’s own people as well as in Yemen. It is somewhat idiotic to think that Canada is in some sort of Political war over some activists being jailed, a terrible thing yes, but no where near as sickening as what happens daily in Yemen. Reported on the 9th of August a Saudi military airstrike on a bus which The Houthi health minister, Taha al-Mutawakel, on Friday put the death toll at 51 people, including 40 children, and warned that the number of victims could rise.

 Since 2015, Saudi Arabia has been leading a military campaign to restore the internationally recognised government to power and push back the Houthis, who still hold the capital Sana’a.

The war has left nearly 10,000 people dead and unleashed what the UN describes as the world’s worst current humanitarian crisis. It has been reported that an average of 130 children are dying daily from war related disease famine and military attacks. Over 3 million people have been displaced due to the conflict.

Meanwhile Canada has somehow insulted Saudi Arabia leading to threats and sanctions ordered on it for it’s weak attack. The Saudi retaliatory 911 type picture of an aircraft heading at the CN tower gives some perspective of how this kingdom backed by the US and European nations needs regime change at least when compared to what has happened to Libya or even Iraq. The tweet by an official Saudi propaganda account has now been deleted

Yemenis dig graves for children killed when their bus was hit during a Saudi-led coalition airstrike in Sa’ada. Photograph: AFP/Getty Images
looking for an official Canadian response to the August 9th tragedy has thus far been crickets. Apparently this is not worthy of our high horse polite humanitarian values. Big words that fall short just days later. 

“Canada will always speak strongly and clearly in private and public on questions of human rights.”

“We will do so in a constructive and polite way,” he continued, “but we will also remain firm on standing up for human rights everywhere around the world.”

“We have always had a positive and constructive relationship with countries around the world while at the same time always making sure we’re bringing up human rights concerns, because Canadians expect that, and indeed people around the world expect that leadership from Canada,” Trudeau said.

Chirp Chirp Chirp!



  1. Wow some weird circumstances lately, two nations in a major diplomatic rift over a couple tweets? Then Alex Jones gets banned from all social media except twitter? In the background is a tweeting president. Is the real goal to give twitter some sort of credibility as a leading source of truth? But, is Canada really concerned about human rights? In 2017 Saudi Arabia was the largest destination for Canadian military exports outside of the US 48.25% http://www.international.gc.ca/controls-controles/report-rapports/mil-2017.aspx?lang=eng.

    The Yemen atrocities inflicted by Saudi Arabia are not well publicized but surely a member of the five eyes intelligence alliance must know the true nature of the military actions. And yet, Canada still sells the vast amount of export resources to Saudi.

    Now two people are arrested and detained causing Canada to make a moral stand and send a tweet? Thus causing a ridiculous set of events? Perhaps not selling military equipment to Saudi to inflict death on Yemen would have been a more significant statement, not a tweet.
    Is this just a distraction or warning for anyone who trying to speak out against Yemen? I bet Canada trade soars with Saudi after this blows over as a reward for offering up the aberration.

  2. These are crazy times! The political score cards of world leaders is all that maters, playing the right political poker hand and its calculated outcome, bluffing our true intentions in order to win the popularity pot.

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